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The Legacy and Values of Mark E. Hamister

C-level executives rarely have an intricate understanding of the job of a housekeeper or front desk agent, but for Mark E. Hamister, who passed away on Friday, August 20,... Read More

The Light Bulb Theory©

By Mark Hamister


Throughout my now 46 years of leadership, learning from others and experiencing what works and what does not I have discovered many years ago (1984 to be specific) that... Read More

Leadership "Fix" The Hamister Way ©

By Mark Hamister

Much has been written over the years about leadership styles. There are as many different viewpoints on styles as there are letters in the alphabet. I find from experience... Read More

Social Media - A Blessing or a Curse!

By Mark Hamister

Imagine it --- this baby boomer who rails against social media on most days --- now taking a step back and thinking about SOCIAL MEDIA!

I admit it, I am old and biased... Read More

10 Fatal Mistakes Leaders Make Which Prevent Effective Leadership Results and Success

By Mark Hamister

Over the course of my 43-year career I have had the opportunity to see effective and ineffective behaviors which impact leadership results. Indeed, I have made many of the... Read More

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