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Real Estate Investing in the Hospitality Sector (Hotels and Assisted Living Facilities)

By Mark Hamister

Real estate investing is often talked about as an opportunity to invest in a sector where there are hard assets to secure the investment.  Many even suggest that the real... Read More

How Would You Like to Become a Millionaire?

By David Paul

Unless your long term financial plan includes a guarantee that you will win the lottery, what follows is a simple strategy for becoming wealthy. Work hard, spend little, and... Read More

Investing in Buffalo's Future

By Mark Hamister

Downtown Buffalo is undergoing a renaissance as a result of all the current development activity and plans for the future and I'm thrilled that Hamister Group, LLC is a small... Read More

Adding an"I" for Interaction to "MBWA": My Experience in Teaching This Brilliant Management Technique

By Mark Hamister

MBWA, "Management By Walking Around," has been my favorite business acronym since the early 80’s, when Tom Peters and Robert Waterman made this Hewlett-Packard hallmark... Read More

Creating a Culture of Opportunity

By Jack Turesky

What is the best way to maintain your Peak Performers? Create a Culture of Opportunity - an environment that drives co-workers to assertively seek increased responsibility... Read More

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