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We have built an exemplary reputation for providing strong management services which enable clients and investors to achieve superior financial results. Our team of hospitality and healthcare management professionals achieve bottom line business success by placing a premium on providing the highest caliber of customer service and care.

Led by a skilled management team with expertise in the development and operation of real estate ventures with personal services, we are committed to listening and responding to the wants and needs of your customers. By combining our significant talents and skills with a desire to provide exceptional service, we have been able to maximize guest comfort and loyalty while building occupancy and daily rates.

Our Management Approach combines 12 key steps and services to build your organization's performance and long-term financial health:

1. Care

With services including general leadership, sales management, and financial services, we attend to the individual needs of each hotel, providing support of daily operations and management.

2. Census

We will provide supervision, direction, and leadership to your local sales team, and will assist in the development and audit of a comprehensive sales plan to help you become a revenue development leader in your market.

3. Compliance

Our internal quality assurance staff will audit the important drivers of brand standards. We will also provide confidential hot line access to your staff and customers to assist in the reporting of inappropriate activities.

4. Cost Control

In addition to budget preparation, financial reporting, accounts payable management, payroll services, and the reconciliation of bank accounts, we provide a targeted focus on long term results and improvements in the area of workers compensation, as well as property and casualty insurance risks.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Our established programs and services allow your customers to develop an extraordinary level of loyalty. We will assist you in selectively recruiting and retaining the best people available to care for your guests.

6. Collections

We proactively install protocols and processes to minimize write-offs and to maximize cash flow.

7. Creativity

By thinking outside the box, we identify creative approaches to customer service and comfort, sales management, and marketing that help separate you from the competition.

8. Communication

We want to understand what is occurring inside of your business and act assertively. Your management teams will learn to work effectively by using the model of "Management By Interacting and Walking Around."

9. Confidence

In helping you manage your business, we will use proven revenue management principles that recognize the rate and the availability of customers during all cycles of the economy. We will provide you with the tools to succeed even in down times. You will have the assurance that your property is being operated according to franchise standards.

10. Continuity

We want to blend our values and principles with yours so that the only difference your staff and customers experience is an organization with a stronger bottom line.

11. Continuing Education

Our team stays abreast of all advances in service and management practices and will pass this knowledge on to you and your staff.

12. Community

Through our unique approach, we will create a sense of community inside your hotel while also helping you establish positive connections with the community where you are located.

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