Sweetbriar LLC

Dunbar, WV

About the Business

Sweetbriar is an assisted living facility in Dunbar, WV that provides assisted living options for our residents. We offer deluxe private and semi-private rooms to accomodate many individual’s lifestyles and needs. Our range of services means that whether you’re looking for full-time care for your loved one or a temporary solution when you’re called away for business, vacation or just need a break, our dedicated team will be there for you.

Property Highlights

  • Licensed professionals nurses on-site, at all times, not just on call .
  • 24/7 Recreation Programs designed specifically for seniors facing challenges with cognitive impairment.
  • Restaurant-style dining with meals approved by a certified dietician served in our cozy and welcoming dining rooms.
  • Personalized care plans customized based on the needs of each resident.
  • Secure outdoor courtyards and modern amenities available to create meaningrul moments and encourage socialization and empowerment.

505 Caldwell Lane
Dunbar, WV 25064

Phone   304-744-7400

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